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National Police Cadet Corps Day 2015

May 7, 2015

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit will like to wish all cadets, instructors and officers Happy NPCC Day. This year we are commemorating the 56th Anniversary. Do share with us your NPCC journey experience via comment on our website.


The National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) was founded on 8 May 1959 with the establishment of a pilot unit in Bartley Secondary School. In May 1985, the first NPCC Day Observance Ceremony was held to commemorate the founding of NPCC. Since then, 7 May, the eve of the founding of NPCC, has been designated as NPCC Day. It is the day where all members of the Corps gather and commemorate the founding of NPCC.

Stephen Phua

Chairman, NPCC Council, Associate Professor Stephen Phua

Below is the NPCC Day Message 2015 by Chairman, NPCC Council, Associate Professor Stephen Phua.


Dear Officers and Cadets of NPCC,


1. The National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) has come a long way since its humble beginning in 1959, with the first NPCC unit set up at Bartley Secondary School. NPCC has grown to be one of the largest youth uniformed organisations in Singapore. Today, we celebrate our 56th Anniversary.

Partnership with the Singapore Police Force (SPF)

2. The NPCC collaborates with the Singapore Police Force to promote community safety and security in our community. This enhances the appreciation of the role education plays in promoting security.

3. Through its wide array of programmes, NPCC engages its members to create realistic learning experiences and personal growth to fulfil the Corps’ Mission. In recent years, the Corps has progressively incorporated more Police-based training. This includes the revised Police Knowledge course (in 2012), the Community Safety and Security – Police Youth Ambassador Programme (in 2013), and the Unarmed Tactics course (in 2014). The Corps will also be adding the .38 revolver to the existing .22 shooting experience for our cadets.

4. This year, NPCC cadets can also look forward to the enhanced Crime Scene Investigation (in short CSI) training programme. The new programme incorporates more hands-on experience in crime scene preservation as well the use of fingerprint dusting kits and ultraviolet devices to gather evidence. With the help of qualified trainers, the cadets can look forward to learn about the CSI processes in the SPF.

Moving Forward

5. It is vital for NPCC to build on each success to offer more meaningful and engaging programmes to meet the rising aspirations of our cadets. Therefore, NPCC is gathering members’ feedback on current and new programmes that may be of interest to members. The survey results will help us review existing programmes and design new ones to take the overall NPCC experience to greater heights.

Closing cum Appreciation

6. On behalf of the NPCC Council, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the School Leaders, Teacher Officers, Police Officers and volunteers of NPCC for their invaluable contributions and selfless support.

7. With our officers and cadets putting in concerted efforts to further enhance the NPCC learning experiences, I am sure we will make 2015 yet another enriching year for all. I wish all NPCC officers and cadets a happy and meaningful NPCC Day! Thank you.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


Area 18 HRC 2015

April 11, 2015

High Rope Challenge, also commonly known as HRC, is conducted annually at NPCC Camp Resilience, Pulau Ubin. This year, on the 11th March 2015, 4 of our Secondary 4 Cadets participated in Area 18’s High Rope Challenge.

Below is a write-up done up by one of the Secondary 4 Cadet.

It had always been the 4 of us who work together throughout the 4 years. Finally, we had got a chance to experience the Flying Fox, Tunnel, Advance Rope Challenge and the Dangle Duo last Saturday. All these elements not only gave us the chance to experience the thrills of outdoor activities, it also gave us a chance to bond together as a squad, creating beautiful memories. From this experience, we learn how important our friendship is. We will definitely never forget the enjoyable moment we spent as a squad.

– Nor Syafiqa Bte Muhd Ashari, Secondary 4 Cadet.








Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


Area 18 Games day

March 7, 2015

This year, the Area 18 Games Day was held at Commonwealth Secondary School on the 7th March 2015. The Area 18 Games Day aims to build and strengthen the bonds and relationships between the Area 18 families through the means of games and activities.

This year, 11 units participated in the Area 18 Games Day. Apart from Area 18 units such as Hong Kah Secondary, Jurongville Secondary, Hua Yi Secondary, Bukit Batok Secondary, Bukit View Secondary, Fuhua Secondary, Commonwealth Secondary and Shuqun Secondary, we are also glad to have external units like, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Zhenghua Secondary and also Maris Stella High School to support and participant in the games.

The games are carefully planned and arranged by each of the Area 18 units. Besides having fun and winning trophies, our cadets had learnt important values such as, persevering till the games are over, respecting the opponent teams and excel in the games they play. Below are some photos from the event and also reflections by cadets from Secondary 2 and 3.


Our Cadet Leaders giving a safety briefing and a run through on the rules and regulations.


Let the games begin!


Our cadet giving it a go at one of the games station.






Highest jumper wins!


“I must catch it!”


Teamwork at play

And lastly...a group photo!

And lastly…a group photo!

“I think that Area 18 games day was a rare opportunity for all the cadets as it is only held annually. As a Secondary 3 cadet leader, we challenged ourselves by stepping out of our comfort zone, organising relay for Area 18 games day 2015 and dodgeball for 2014. I participated in the captains ball, and I realized that even though it was just a game but surprisingly, it required a lot of our perseverance, sportsmanship, skills and teamwork. The event was being held under hot sun which required us to be perseverance and we were played against strong opponent which required us to have strong teamwork, sportsmanship and skills. When the game had started, we managed to pass the ball a few times before the other team intercepted and snatched the ball and hereafter scored a point. However, we did not give up and we gave a pat to our teammates’ shoulders to encourage each other. Unfortunately, we did not managed to get to the second round which was disappointing for all of us. After the events, our seniors encouraged and comforted us. Whereas, for the other games, our cadets displayed wonderful sportsmanship and defeated other strong competitors to win an award for the event. In conclusion, I think that I have learnt many useful stuff and indeed, had a lot of fun during the Area 18 Games Day. I am already counting down for the next Area Games Day!”

– Sharon Ng Xue Ting, Secondary 3 cadet.

“ To me, playing games with my NPCC unit have enabled me to bond with them , alongside with units from other schools too! Playing these games competitively has helped me create a strong sense of friendly rivalry between each school participating in this Games Day. Which can help us as a whole Area 18 to help bond with each other. I have also realized the importance to have such a bonding session as NPCC not only is a CCA which acts as ambassadors for the Singapore Police Force, but we are also a one whole uniform group who upholds one common goal and motto. So as NPCC members, we naturally must develop a further and stronger sense of values and friendship to be able to further excel.”

Chang Jun Wen, Secondary 2 cadet.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit