Cadet Leaders 15/16


Executive Committee
Chairperson – SGT(NPCC) Danial Ong
Vice Chairperson – SGT(NPCC) Lin Yi

Training Department
In-Charge – SGT(NPCC) Ruqaiyah Bte Lokman (Secondary 2)
Assistant In-Charge – SGT(NPCC) Lim Yong Kap (Secondary 1)

Secondary 1
SGT(NPCC) Ng Xue Ting Sharon
SGT(NPCC) Low Zi Hao

Secondary 2
SGT(NPCC) Muhd Hanif Afiq B M D
SGT(NPCC) Lee Ming Jia

Administration Department
In-Charge – SGT(NPCC) Nur Asyifa Thasyeera

SGT(NPCC) Esther Tan Xing Yee

Media & Publicity
SGT(NPCC) Jonathan Ng Sheng Da

SGT(NPCC) Victor Tan
SGT(NPCC) Carvalho Frederick Sahassawa

Logistic Department
In-Charge – SGT(NPCC) Ong Rui Feng
Assistant In-Charge – SGT(NPCC) Lee Tai Seng Jacky

Secondary 1
SGT(NPCC) Teo Wei Yi

Secondary 2
SGT(NPCC) Teng Siew Lay

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