Annual Camp 2018

May 13, 2018

A 3 days 2 nights camp was held in Jurongville Secondary School from the 11th to 13th May 2018. The Annual Camp was held in conjuction with the Passing-Out-Ceremony and Heritage Trail.

The Annual Camp was organised with the objective of initiating the new Secondary 1 Cadets into the big Jurongville NPCC Unit family. Cadets from all levels had the opportunity to experience ‘Outdoor Field Cooking’ as they prepared their own meals outdoor while enjoying their fellow friends’ companionship. Not only that, they were also exposed to circumstances that were out of their comfort zone. For example, learning how to set-up fire under the watchful eyes of the Instructors. This is in contrast with that they are normally used to be having hot cooked meals prepared for them.

Cadets preparing their own meals


Knots and lashings lessons conducted by the cadet leaders

Junior cadets learning under the guidance of the cadet leaders

Drills sessions

Activities such as team building games were also held to allow the cadets to better bond with each other through communication and interactive games. In addition, a Heritage Trail was also conducted with the aim of allowing the cadets to better appreciate Singapore.

The Passing-Out- Ceremony was also held to appreciate the efforts put in by the Secondary 4 cadets over the years, as they were to step down from their respective appointments and prepare for their major examinations. A sumptuous BBQ was also provided to mark the end of the camp.

Jurongville NPCC Unit hopes that the cadets had a fun and enriching time through the camp and would also like to wish all passing out batch all the best in your future endeavors and also study hard for your O Levels and N Levels.

Successful completion of Annual Camp 2018

Graduating Batch 2018

Below are some of the reflections by the Secondary 1 & 3 Cadets,

“After the camp we learnt about what it is like to be united as one especially when we got punished for being late, not waking our unit mates up and also supporting each other during the hike. Although everyone was tired, we persevered and encouraged each other to keep pushing on. We also learnt the importance of helping each other when we had to study for the test. We learnt that even if we did not have our technological stuff and have each other, we can have just as much fun.”

-Secondary 1 Cadets

“During the camp, we had to communicate as a squad in order to lead the unit. It wasn’t easy but as a squad, we can do everything without any problem. It was also our first time leading our juniors other than during weekly trainings. The camp allowed us to step out of our comfort zone as we did not have mobile phones to communicate. At times, our juniors did not listen to us, but with patience, they eventually listened to us. Overall, the camp was an enjoyable experience all of us will remember.”

-Secondary 3 Cadets

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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