SPF-NPCC Badge 2018

April 17, 2018

The SPF-NPCC Badge is the pinnacle award for cadets in NPCC. Every year, only selected graduating cadets with outstanding leadership qualities and conduct are awarded this prestigious badge. In the years of Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit, only 7 cadets had been awarded this badge.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit would like to extend our congratulations to SSGT (NPCC) Jamie Lim Jia Min, for being awarded the SPF-NPCC Badge through dedication to excellence and sheer determination. She will be the 8th cadet in Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit history to be awarded this badge.

Below are SSGT (NPCC) Jamie Lim’s reflections upon receiving the SPF-NPCC Badge.

What was your motivation in achieving the SPF-NPCC Badge?

“I had always looked up to my Instructors who had previously been awarded the SPF-NPCC Badge. It was an award that everyone can work towards to regardless of your individual role in the Unit. My Sir once said, “Always remember attaining badges isn’t just a destination. It’s the process that matters.” Those simple words stuck with me throughout my 4 years in NPCC.

With those words instilled into my head, I constantly make sure every training objectives set were met and the juniors would have something to take away from weekly trainings, be it drills or values. I also constantly remind myself to improve from setbacks and to become a better leader for my juniors and Unit.

I always believe in stepping out of my comfort zone to lead the Unit with my batchmates. All these were not possible without the help of my parents and squadmates, who was always there for me with encouragement and support.

I am so glad after 4 years, I had impacted many of my juniors’ life. I have seen many of them grown from shy individuals to confident leaders of the Unit.

There’s a quote that goes, ‘Actions speaks louder than words’. No matter how small the action is, it will be remembered by the people you have impacted. I hope that I can pass on this mindset to motivate more batches to come.

How did you feel upon receiving the SPF-NPCC Badge?

When Mr Lam broke the news to me, that I had successfully attained the award, I was quite surprised. I did not expect myself to be awarded this badge. However, I was also proud to be 1 of the 147 badge awardees of the graduating cohort this year. The award recognised my contribution to the Unit and NPCC HQ and how I overcame many obstacles throughout these 4 years. Being awarded this badge was not just a personal achievement, it was also a reflection of the efforts of the Teacher Officers and Instructors for giving me endless opportunities to develop myself and improve to be a better myself and leader. Secondly, the seniors who had always been correcting my mistakes, guiding me ever since when I was in secondary 1.  Last but not least, my batchmates who had walked with me through this challenging 4 years. Always putting a smile on my face during tough times.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Juniors, I hope you remember this quote and aim towards this prestigious award.

SSGT (NPCC) Jamie Lim Jia Min with her SPF-NPCC Award

Once again, well done Jamie! We hope this achievement will further inspire and motivate many others!

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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