Adventure Training Camp/Survival Training Camp 2016

September 18, 2016

The Adventure and Survival Training Camp (A/STC) is an annual event held at Pulau Ubin, Camp Resilience in hope to gain confidence, build character and leadership skills through outdoor learning.

This year, the A/STC is held on the 16 September to 18 September, an 3 day 2 night camp which is filled with programmes planned to test the cadets teamwork, communication skills and many more.

The programmes includes outdoor cooking, where cadets are given basic cooking equipments such as stoves, mess tins, solid fuels and  also food ration for the entire 3 days. Cadets have to cook their own food and learn to ration their own food for the entire duration of the camp.


Next, the cadets went through a series of high rope challenges. Obstacles was imposed in the path of the cadets as they journey their way through mid air, with safety precautions taken care of. The cadets must find ways to get over the obstacles to continue on and reach their destination. The highlight of the challenges would be the Flying Fox, which allows the cadets to get an bird-eye view of the campsite while ‘flying’ down from the tower.

The cadets are went on a mini hike on Pulau Ubin to get to know more about the island itself. The hike tested their mettle and perseverance as they walk up challenging slopes and battling their fatigues.


Cadets also get to go through water confidence courses such as jetty jump and kayaking.These courses had allowed them to know themselves better and to gain confidence.

Lastly, the camp ended on a good note, with a campfire held the celebrate the success of the camp. The campfire was filled with songs and cheers. Individual groups also had skits on display to entertain the audience.

The two emcees was Syaza and Nazrul. The 2 cadet leaders from Jurongville NPCC unit had demonstrated the spirit of beyond self. Despite their shyness and reserved nature, they challenged themselves and volunteered to be the emcees for the event. They faced the crowd to speak confidently even though they had never been emcees before. Good job Syaza and Nazrul!



We hope that the cadets had enjoyed the camp and taken away values and memories which will follow them for a  long time.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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