Annual Camp 2015

May 24, 2015

This year the Secondary 3 cadets had been tasked to be in charge of the Annual Camp which was held in Jurongville Secondary School, from 22nd May to 24th May 2015. The objective of the camp is to instill discipline, to further improve on the communication and bonds between the unit and also revisit Singapore’s rich history.


A morning PT session to start the day right


Breakfast as a Unit!

The cadets had the opportunity to experience outdoor field cooking. The session had allowed them to step out oftheir comfort zones and bond with one another. Team bonding games like captains ball with water bombs was also conducted to allow the cadets to let their hair down and have fun and at the same time, forging close friendships.

A Heritage trail was also conducted at different areas such as the Kranji War Memorial, Public Utilities Board (PUB), The Reflections @Bukit Chandu. The Sec 3 Cadet Leaders were the tour guides for the trail, which they had to explain the stories behind each individual site. After the trail, a Passing Out Ceremony (POC) was held for the Secondary 4 cadets. The ceremony was to thank the passing out cadets for their service and hard work for Jurongville NPCC Unit. A sumptuous buffet was catered and entertaining performances by the cadets filled the night with joy and laughters.


The start of the Heritage Trail


Cadet Leaders being the tour guides of the day


Jurongville NPCC Unit @ Kranji War Memorial


Listening attentively to the talk at Reflections @ Bukit Chandu.

Jurongville NPCC Unit hoped that the cadets had an enjoyable time throughout the camp and had also learnt something from the camp. We would also like to wish the passing out cadets all the best in their future endeavors and also work hard for their upcoming exams!


Passing Out Ceremony 2015

Below are the reflections made by selected cadetsfrom Secondary 2 and 3.

“Through this Annual Camp , i experienced and also learnt alot of things which adds up memories to my life. First of all, i have the chance to forge a positive relationship among most of the members in Npcc . Through activities and communication , i managed to get to know my seniors and juniors alot more better and have a mutual respect for each other . We had fun participating the activities held by our seniors and created beautiful memories together. In a summary , i prefer this year’s annual camp as compared to last year as i enjoyed most of the activities and learnt a tip or two about leading the squad for next year. I really hope to continue in maintaining a positive relationship with each other and doing our best to make Npcc proud!”

-Nur Ili Batrisyia, Secondary 2 cadet.


“After the annual camp, I think my squadmates and I had a valuable experience, as we were the ones organizing the camp. Even though we were not really prepared, we still had the opportunity to guide our juniors during field cooking and area cleaning. The hike and visit to Reflections at Bukit Chandu allowed us to gain a deeper understanding on our forefathers’ contributions, and also enabled us to realize how much they have sacrificed for the younger generation. Overall, I feel that this trip was very meaningful and worthwhile. I think the juniors also enjoyed themselves during this camp, evident from the fun they had with one another during the pokemon, running man, and water games.”

Teng Siew Lay, Secondary 3 cadet.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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