Campcraft Competition 2014 (Girls Preliminary Round)

February 9, 2014

The campcraft preliminary rounds has come to an end on 25/01/2014 for the boys team and on 08/02/2014 for the girls team.

Campcraft Girl's team on 8 February 2014

Campcraft Girl’s Team 2014

Below is a reflection by the girl’s team vice captain.
“Through this Campcraft competition, I was given much more opportunities to be able to bond with my teammates during trainings and we got to know each other better. Although there were some difficulties that we faced during the trainings, our team managed to overcome it together. At first , I thought that the most important thing in this competition was the results however, my Sir made me realised that ,there’s not only the results to this competition, in fact, it’s about being able to bond together and create great memories together. I think that we (my team and I) had put in a lot of effort and time for this competition. I would  like to specially thank my teammate , SGT(NPCC) Loke Yin Theng and SGT(NPCC) Diana  for helping me out a lot by sharing my workload during the competition and lastly, our team captain, SGT(NPCC) Jessica Kee Si Jia for leading our team well . In future, I hope that trainings for Campcraft could start earlier so that there would be more trainings and we could be more prepared I also think that communication within the team can be improved further.”

Jasmine , Secondary 4 Cadet

JVSNPCC unit would like to extend thanks to the instructors whom planned and conducted the extra training for the campcraft teams. Not forgetting the group of participants whom made an effort to turn up for the sessions of training.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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