Campcraft Competition 2014 (Boys Preliminary Round)

January 25, 2014

The Inter-Unit Campcraft Competition is a biannual competition that is organised by the NPCC HQ. It is a competition whereby NPCC Units all over Singapore compete their Campcraft skills against each other. The competition provides a platform for the Cadets to be challenged on their knowledge on the NPCC 4 men Tent, Flagstaff and the gadget. This year, the theme for the gadget would be a clothes rack.

This year, Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit had sent in a boys and girls team to compete, with Cadets ranging from the Sec 2s to Sec 5s.



For the past four weeks, the teams had been training under the hot fiery sun. Rounds and rounds of time-based practice were given out and the cadets bonded over the weeks.

Below is  the takeaways from one of the boys team member.
What I have been through for the past three weeks of campcraft training is tough and I’ve learnt a lot from it. Before the campcraft training I don’t have much knowledge as it will only be my second time pitching up a tent. The first time was during ATC and the only thing I know was pegging. I  felt excited as we are doing it with the juniors. I was actually quite disappointed as I will be doing the gadget instead of the tent as it requires to have a lot of teamwork to pitch a tent within 10 mins. After the campcraft competition I was quite satisfied with our performance even though we cannot  finish pitching up the tent within the time limit. It was quite shocking at first as we have been through a lot of hardship to prepare for the competiton, but we still gave it our all and that is what matters.”

Asrul, Secondary 3 Cadet


JVS NPCC Unit Boys Team

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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