Entering Year 2013

January 1, 2013

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit wishes all Officers, Honorary Officers, Cadet Inspectors and Cadets a Happy New Year.


Year 2012 had come to an end as a year of excitements and challenges for JVS NPCC. 2 groups of boys and girls cadets were selected respectively to participated in the Biannual Campcraft Competition organized by NPCC HQ, although our cadets did not manage to get into the top few position in the competition but they definitely have benefited from this experience.

JVS NPCC also participated in Jurongville Secondary School 1st Inter-UG Freestyle Drill Competition during August, it has been ages since JVS NPCC last did the freestyle drills, but we managed to clinch “Best Turnout Award”  for this competition  Congratulations to the cadets for their efforts and not forgetting special thanks to the Instructors whom guided the cadets along.

In JVS NPCC Unit’s history, SSG (NPCC) Chong Zhe Wei is the 5th cadet that had been awarded the prestigious SPF-NPCC badge.  JVS NPCC Unit is elated and proud of his attainment.

Jurongville Secondary School will be having an Official Opening of the new school compound in the later part of the year, JVS NPCC will be joining this significant event of Jurongville Secondary School.

We hope that in the Year 2013, we will embark into another exciting and challenging year that is further ahead of us. We shall overcome it together as a unit and excel together.

Lastly, JVS NPCC Unit wishes all good health and have a blasting 2013 year ahead and excel in it be it in your work for Officers and some Instructors or your studies for Instructors and Cadets.


Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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