Campcraft Competition 2012 Results

February 18, 2012

Inter-Unit Campcraft Competition is a biannual event organize by NPCC HQ, is an event where all NPCC Units in Singapore will compete in their campcraft skills be it their knowledge and skills on the NPCC 4-Men Tent, Flagstaff, and Gadget.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit has sent 2 team of boys and girls mainly from Sec 2s to Sec 4s, to compete in the competition, both teams did quite well as the manage to maintain the ranking compare 2 years back. Well Done to the Boys and Girls Campcraft Team.

The Campcraft Competition Results for our Area is shown below.

Area 18
Bukit Batok Secondary School – (Boys – 70th)(Girls – 63rd)
Bukit View Secondary School – (Boys – 88th)(Girls – 92nd)
Commonwealth Secondary School – (Boys – 130th)(Girls – 80th)
Hong Kah Secondary School – (Boys – 70th)(Girls – 100th)
Hua Yi Secondary School – (Boys – 141st)(Girls – 101st)
Fuhua Secondary School – (Boys – 117th)(Girls – 18th)
Jurongville Secondary School – (Boys – 59th)(Girls – 66th)
Shuqun Secondary School – (Boys – 148th)(Girls – 112nd)

The Boys overall have 155 teams competing, the Girls overall have 133 teams competing.

JVS NPCC Campcraft Boys & Girls Team

Well Done JVS NPCC Campcraft Boys & Girls Team, you all had done JVS NPCC proud.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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