SSGT Interview cum Promotion Test

January 9, 2012

12 of our cadets which hold the rank of Sergeant attended the Staff Sergeant Interview and Promotion Test on last Saturday (7th January 2012).

The Sergeants are interviewed by our own Officers and were tested on theory and practical by our own CIs, mainly testing on their drills, campcraft and their theory knowledge.

The 12 cadets that went through the Staff Sergeant Interview are:
SGT (NPCC) Chong Zhe Wei
SGT (NPCC) Chew Jia Yuan
SGT (NPCC) Chua Jin Min Cheryl
SGT (NPCC) Koh Mun Hueh Megan
SGT (NPCC) Denrick Tan Jia Ler
SGT (NPCC) Thong Keat Hong Donovan
SGT (NPCC) Ang Ding Wei
SGT (NPCC) Joel Ng Zi Heng
SGT (NPCC) Melvin Loh Jun Hao
SGT (NPCC) Siti Nur Nadzirah Bte Zainal
SGT (NPCC) Saw Khai Guan
SGT (NPCC) Oei Zheng Yang

The results of the Promotion Test will be release at a further date.

Photos can be found on our own photo album

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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