Area 18 ATC/STC 2011 (Completed)

November 14, 2011

The annual Area 18 Adventure Training Camp a.k.a ATC/Survival Training Camp a.k.a STC had came to an end for Year 2011. Both the camps were held at Pulau Ubin, NPCC Camp Resilience during 11th Nov 2011 – 13th Nov 2011.

JVS NPCC sent both the Sec 2 and Sec 3 cadets for the camp, is a camp objectives to conduct adventure programmes to develop the cadets’ ruggedness, self-reliance, resilience, team-work, leadership skills and also discipline. There are many outdoor activities conducted during the camp and one of it was tent-pitching where the cadets pitch their own tents in a group and sleep in it throughout the whole camp, there’s also outdoor cooking, kayaking, water confidence jump, ropes course challenge and many others activities.

JVS NPCC hope that the cadets have learned something during the camp, be it knowing their own strength or their own weakness, and most importantly, hope they had lots of fun during the 3 Days 2 Nights Camp in Pulau Ubin, NPCC Camp Resilience.

A quote to share with everyone:

“Should we not know our strength, how do we know what to build; Should we not know our weakness, how do we know what to improve”





Sec 2 Cadets with OC Unit Mdm Linda Ng Siew Ching


Sec 3 Cadets with Deputy OC Unit Miss Han Hui Chin


CIs, HOs, Officers


JVS NPCC Sec 2 and Sec 3 Cadets with Instructors & Officers

Here’s the celebration of our cadet Cheryl Birthday video, her birthday just nice falls on the last day of the camp, so all the Cadets, Instructors and Officers help her sing a birthday song to her, hope she will have a wonderful and memorable 15th Birthday.



Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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