Congratulation JianLe

June 26, 2011

News and Photos extracted from The Straits Times and Cyberpioneer:


TAKE a national service recruit who is 1.65m tall and tips the scales at 81kg and you get what the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) considers an obese newbie.

Throw in focus and sheer doggedness, fast-forward the time by nine months, and you get a newly minted Third Sergeant (3SG) Ou Jianle, aged 21 – and trim.

Not only did he make it to the Specialist Cadet School (SCS), he also graduated with a Golden Bayonet, an honour awarded to the top cadets from each formation.

He was among the 1,244 Specialist Cadets who received their chevrons at the Specialist Cadet Graduation Parade yesterday.

Only 21 cadets from among yesterday’s graduands received the Golden Bayonet from Minister of State for Defence Lawrence Wong at Pasir Laba Camp.

Besides the Golden Bayonet, which is the highest honour section leaders in the army can attain, 3SG Ou also pipped his Signal Specialist Cadet peers to the Best Knowledge award.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit would like to congratulate our former Cadet Inspector cum Cadet upon awarded the Golden Bayonet during his NS (National Service) term training at SCS (Specialist Cadet School).


Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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