NPCC Annual Parade 2011

April 17, 2011

The NPCC Annual Parade(known as NPCC Day Parade in the past) is an annual event which is held to commemorate NPCC Day as well as to acknowledge the contribution of NPCC youth movement. It is a parade for every NPCC cadet to look forward to. The NPAP 2011 held on 16 April was a success despite of the recent unpredictable weather.

7 cadets from Jurongville NPCC Unit were nominated to be part of the parade. Their trainings started since 14 March 2011. During the March school vacation, they trained consecutively from Monday to Friday at Home Team Academy (HTA). When school reopens, they trained twice a week, travelling to and fro HTA after lessons for training. Be it rain or shine, they undergo strict trainings under the direct command of Field Instructors from NPCC HQ & Cadet Inspectors from various units.

16 April 2011 marks the dignified moment for the parade participants. Hundreds of parent & guest flock from all over Singapore to Home Team Academy to witness this parade which their son/daughter/friends has put up for.



From left to right (Parade participants): CPL(NPCC) Chong Zhe Wei, CPL(NPCC) Ang Ding Wei, CPL(NPCC) Joel Ng, CPL(NPCC) Denrick Tan, CPL(NPCC) Saw Khai Guan, CPL(NPCC) Melvin Loh, CPL(NPCC) Megan Koh


Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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  1. Aiming for gold once again~ ^^

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