Recycling Event cum Competition

November 29, 2010

Our unit had been invited by River Vally High School NPCC Unit to join a Recycling Event cum Competition on the 20th November 2010, Saturday held at River Vally High School, and our team had emerge as 2nd Runner-Up for the competition.

Below is a short post written by our cadet regarding the competition.

Hi Jurongville Secondary School NPCC,
The team representing our unit has good news to share with everyone! The team, consisting of Zhe Wei, Melvin, Ding Wei and myself, has won the 2nd Runner-Up in the competition.

Our overall points for the competition will be judged on: Aesthetics (of our structure), Creativity, Enthusiasm, Team Work and Presentation (to judges). Each criteria has a total of 6 points and the minimum mark a team will get of each is 1.

The team is 1st split into 2 groups; 1 group to participate in the various stations allocated in the different parts of the school, and the other group to stay in the sports hall to make our own structure with recyclable materials. The group going to the various stations is to play games, in order to get more materials to add on to the structure.

The games challenge us on our knowledge of our 3R(s): Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and our communication skills. After the group had finished all the games at the various stations, they will join the other teammates in the hall to continue making the structure.

As a theme for the structure is required, we chose Total Defence. Unlike all the others participating units, we presented our structures in a form of a story, in fact a quite entertaining one.

This is how the story goes:

One day, the Ambassador from the US military force called up the Ambassador of Singapore for help.
The World Trade Centre is under attack from terrorists just like 911(Land Edition). As Singapore is a helpful country, the Ambassador immediately agreed and sent over an ultra mega super technological tank made up of recycled materials. The tank is invented by 4 super genius scientists. The tank represented 4 defenses of the Total Defence.

Andy: “We have the Civil Defence” *Melvin points at the tank*

Zhe Wei: “The Army is inside the tank, you can only see them later”

Andy: “The Military Defence” *Melvin points at the tank*
“The Social Defence” *Melvin points at the tanks*

Zhe Wei: “The volunteers are inside the tank.”

Andy: “And lastly, the Psychological Defence.”

Zhe Wei: “Yes, We believe!” (says while Melvin points at the Singapore Flag on the Tank)

The tank carried along volunteers, police, soldiers and fire engines. The main purpose was to save the money from the World Trade Centre as the money represented Economical Defence.

The tank had a 3 days 2 nights fight with the mega terrorist organization, which held all occupants in the building as hostages. *Melvin unveils the bottles (hostages) under the basket*

In the end, Singapore was too strong and therefore, forced the leader, Osimi Bi Lande to surrender. He committed suicide by jumping off the building. *Melvin dropped the leader (Represented by a bottle) onto the ground*

Singapore saved the hostages as well as the money and prevented an economical crisis. The whole world thanked us. This story tells us the importance of Total Defence and what recycling and benefit us.

And that’s the end of the story.

-SGT(NPCC) Andy-

JVS NPCC would like to congratulate and also thanks Andy, Zhe Wei, Ding Wei and Melvin for sacrificing their time amd putting in effort for this event in such a short notice.


Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

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