UOPA 2009 Results

February 5, 2010

Good news! Jurongville NPCC Unit has been awarded with Gold Award for the year 2009. A total of 39 units are awarded the Gold Award, with 59 units awarded Silver Award and 42 units awarded the Bronze Award while 14 units are unplaced.

Well done everyone. It will not be possible without the dedication and commitment of everyone of you (TOs, HOs, CIs, CLs, Cadets)! Lets work hard to achieve our 3rd Gold Award this year 2010.

Area 18
Bukit Batok Secondary School – Silver
Bukit View Secondary School – Bronze
Commonwealth Secondary School – Silver
Hong Kah Secondary School – Gold
Hua Yi Secondary School – Silver
Fuhua Secondary School – Bronze
Jurongville Secondary School – Gold
Shuqun Secondary School – Silver

You may download the full UOPA 2009 results: UOPA 2009_results.pdf

The NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) is conferred annually by NPCC. It is awarded by assessing the overall performance of NPCC school units in an academic year.

CI Wenbin

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