Trip to the Combined Operations Room Exhibition

August 20, 2018

Recently, the secondary 3 cadets had the opportunity to visit an exhibition held at the Combined Operations Room.

Below are the reflections by SGT (NPCC) Nicole

Combined Operations Room Exhibition (fCOR), nestled in the heart of 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrance in Singapore, is an iconic and significant historical structure of the Singapore Police Force. It was the nerve centre where major crises that have shaped current Singapore were managed and resolved. These include the numerous communal and communist related incidents, such as the 1956 Chinese Middle School Riots, Konfrontasi, and the 1969 racial riots.

The exhibition re-creates the 1950s settings and furnishings of the fCOR, specifically after 25 October 1956 when combined operations between the army and police were activated after 4,000 students protested against the de-registering of the Singapore Chinese Middle School Students’ Union (SCMSSU) by staging a stay-in demonstration that progressively turned violent.

This building may only stand a floor tall but fret not, it is a living legend that so many Singaporeans yearn to visit, for its unique engineering-structure and history. The entrance to the building was once guarded by a policeman on duty, but now, the post is left empty as public tours are introduced. The wall to your very right that holds the welcome sign into the space is highly resistible to even 300 pounds of bomb that may be thrown into the building. This is done for the safety of the officers-on-duty. Moving along the squeezy narrow path into the main side of the building, there you can see the different rooms assigned to the different officials. For example, there is a ‘Private room’ that is welcomed only to the head official, where he will be able to monitor the situation’s conditions and give his commands, only in a case where safety of the residents of Singapore is questioned.

The very first exhibition room is a picturesque location that encompasses all the roots that once took place in Singapore, which led to dire consequences. For example, the case of Maria Hertogh, that took place from 11 December 1950 to 13 December 1950. Maria was born a Dutch- Catholic, but parents left her during the War and she came under the care of a Malay Muslim family. Being raised in a Muslim family, Maria reverted to Islam, up till her parents demanded her back. Her adopted parents were hesitant on letting her leave, whilst her biological parents were adamant on her return. When the court decided to return Maria to her family, this caused an uproar amongst the Muslim community in Singapore, where riots and protests took place. This resulted in the death toll of 18 leaving 173 injured. The operations command was called in to assist the injured and attempts to forbid further fatalities from the riots.

The another exhibition room clearly exhibits some of the weapons used in the riots. Such as shields for officers to protect themselves against the fiery crowd , walkie talkie or radios for communication and also red light sirens for airplanes to avoid landing near such obscene areas and guide them onto the right runway.

There is a spacious ‘on call emergency’ area, only for highest ranking officials of the RAF, CID and SPF to interfere. The area is divided into 2 floors. The top floor is a on call room for the ministers to communicate to the RAF, CID and SPF members sitting down on the first floor through a huge glass window. They will communicate via radios, and on the first floor, there will be a huge board that indicates the area of incident, the number of injured or fatalities and the causes of such. The officials will monitor the situation, with everyone in the room. The high ranking officials will report to the ministers for they will remain in the room until the entire case is solved. There is a table with a huge map to show the ministers sitting on the second floor the brief picture of incident, implementing on the level of emergency of the case.

Lastly, here comes the operation room, where the ‘Triple Nine Girls’ will work in while responding to the public’s 999 calls. The girls are seated in a diamond like structured wooden work area, that has their own seats assigned. The main official will be seated on the ‘top’ where she is able to turn around in a circular motion and assist any girls in need. The calls that come in are automated to the other girls in charge, for if the language addressed in is hard for the operator to comprehend. As such, all calls are seriously addressed to, and the caller is able to speak fluently in his own Mother tongue, with the operator being able to fully understand the situation.

The fCOR served Singapore with security and safety, up until the technology took over. To date, this former Combined Operations Room is an exhibition to remind Singaporeans on how long we’ve come, from having typewriters and only some officials attending and responding to emergency calls. This place may Long not be in use, but it definitely lives in the hearts of pioneers and hopefully in our generations.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


Annual Camp 2018

May 13, 2018

A 3 days 2 nights camp was held in Jurongville Secondary School from the 11th to 13th May 2018. The Annual Camp was held in conjuction with the Passing-Out-Ceremony and Heritage Trail.

The Annual Camp was organised with the objective of initiating the new Secondary 1 Cadets into the big Jurongville NPCC Unit family. Cadets from all levels had the opportunity to experience ‘Outdoor Field Cooking’ as they prepared their own meals outdoor while enjoying their fellow friends’ companionship. Not only that, they were also exposed to circumstances that were out of their comfort zone. For example, learning how to set-up fire under the watchful eyes of the Instructors. This is in contrast with that they are normally used to be having hot cooked meals prepared for them.

Cadets preparing their own meals


Knots and lashings lessons conducted by the cadet leaders

Junior cadets learning under the guidance of the cadet leaders

Drills sessions

Activities such as team building games were also held to allow the cadets to better bond with each other through communication and interactive games. In addition, a Heritage Trail was also conducted with the aim of allowing the cadets to better appreciate Singapore.

The Passing-Out- Ceremony was also held to appreciate the efforts put in by the Secondary 4 cadets over the years, as they were to step down from their respective appointments and prepare for their major examinations. A sumptuous BBQ was also provided to mark the end of the camp.

Jurongville NPCC Unit hopes that the cadets had a fun and enriching time through the camp and would also like to wish all passing out batch all the best in your future endeavors and also study hard for your O Levels and N Levels.

Successful completion of Annual Camp 2018

Graduating Batch 2018

Below are some of the reflections by the Secondary 1 & 3 Cadets,

“After the camp we learnt about what it is like to be united as one especially when we got punished for being late, not waking our unit mates up and also supporting each other during the hike. Although everyone was tired, we persevered and encouraged each other to keep pushing on. We also learnt the importance of helping each other when we had to study for the test. We learnt that even if we did not have our technological stuff and have each other, we can have just as much fun.”

-Secondary 1 Cadets

“During the camp, we had to communicate as a squad in order to lead the unit. It wasn’t easy but as a squad, we can do everything without any problem. It was also our first time leading our juniors other than during weekly trainings. The camp allowed us to step out of our comfort zone as we did not have mobile phones to communicate. At times, our juniors did not listen to us, but with patience, they eventually listened to us. Overall, the camp was an enjoyable experience all of us will remember.”

-Secondary 3 Cadets

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


SPF-NPCC Badge 2018

April 17, 2018

The SPF-NPCC Badge is the pinnacle award for cadets in NPCC. Every year, only selected graduating cadets with outstanding leadership qualities and conduct are awarded this prestigious badge. In the years of Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit, only 7 cadets had been awarded this badge.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit would like to extend our congratulations to SSGT (NPCC) Jamie Lim Jia Min, for being awarded the SPF-NPCC Badge through dedication to excellence and sheer determination. She will be the 8th cadet in Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit history to be awarded this badge.

Below are SSGT (NPCC) Jamie Lim’s reflections upon receiving the SPF-NPCC Badge.

What was your motivation in achieving the SPF-NPCC Badge?

“I had always looked up to my Instructors who had previously been awarded the SPF-NPCC Badge. It was an award that everyone can work towards to regardless of your individual role in the Unit. My Sir once said, “Always remember attaining badges isn’t just a destination. It’s the process that matters.” Those simple words stuck with me throughout my 4 years in NPCC.

With those words instilled into my head, I constantly make sure every training objectives set were met and the juniors would have something to take away from weekly trainings, be it drills or values. I also constantly remind myself to improve from setbacks and to become a better leader for my juniors and Unit.

I always believe in stepping out of my comfort zone to lead the Unit with my batchmates. All these were not possible without the help of my parents and squadmates, who was always there for me with encouragement and support.

I am so glad after 4 years, I had impacted many of my juniors’ life. I have seen many of them grown from shy individuals to confident leaders of the Unit.

There’s a quote that goes, ‘Actions speaks louder than words’. No matter how small the action is, it will be remembered by the people you have impacted. I hope that I can pass on this mindset to motivate more batches to come.

How did you feel upon receiving the SPF-NPCC Badge?

When Mr Lam broke the news to me, that I had successfully attained the award, I was quite surprised. I did not expect myself to be awarded this badge. However, I was also proud to be 1 of the 147 badge awardees of the graduating cohort this year. The award recognised my contribution to the Unit and NPCC HQ and how I overcame many obstacles throughout these 4 years. Being awarded this badge was not just a personal achievement, it was also a reflection of the efforts of the Teacher Officers and Instructors for giving me endless opportunities to develop myself and improve to be a better myself and leader. Secondly, the seniors who had always been correcting my mistakes, guiding me ever since when I was in secondary 1.  Last but not least, my batchmates who had walked with me through this challenging 4 years. Always putting a smile on my face during tough times.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Juniors, I hope you remember this quote and aim towards this prestigious award.

SSGT (NPCC) Jamie Lim Jia Min with her SPF-NPCC Award

Once again, well done Jamie! We hope this achievement will further inspire and motivate many others!

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


SPF-NPCC Badge 2017

March 28, 2017

The SPF-NPCC Badge is the highest award badge that cadets can vie for during their service. The badge serves as a recognition to cadets with outstanding performance and excellent leadership qualities. This year, 152 cadets of the 2017 graduating cohort are awarded the pinnacle award.

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit would like to congratulate SI (NPCC) Chang Jun Wen for attaining the prestigious award through sheer hardwork and dedication. Today, SI (NPCC) Chang Jun Wen made his name into the history of Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit among 6 other SPF-NPCC badge awardees.

Congratulations Jun Wen!

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


Total Defence Day 2017

February 15, 2017

Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen’s Total Defence Day message

On 15 February, 75 years ago, Singapore fell, as British forces surrendered to Japanese invaders. In this video, I stand in the very room in the former Ford Factory along Upper Bukit Timah Road in which the surrender took place. Three and a half years of suffering and deprivation followed for those living in Singapore under Japanese Occupation.

This is why we commemorate Total Defence Day on 15 February every year – a reminder that only when everyone plays a part through Military, Civil, Economic, Social and Psychological Defence, can we ensure a Singapore that is safe, secure and sovereign.


Chinese Lunar New Year – Year Of Rooster

January 28, 2017

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit would like to wish all Officers, Instructors and Cadets happiness and prosperity.

While celebrating this festive season, let’s do not forget to take care of our own health. Eat adequately and hydrate ourselves with water as much as possible. May your work go smoothly and enjoy good health in this new year!



Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit

Picture credits: http://www.pretendcity.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/lunar-new-year-rooster-calendar-600×300.jpg

Chirstmas Greetings

December 25, 2016

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit wishes all Officers, Honorary Officers, Cadet Inspectors and Cadets a Merry Christmas.

May the spirit of Christmas fill you with Joy, Peace and Love! Do remember to take some time off and spent quality moments with your loved ones! Cherish them, appreciate them and remember to thank them.

merry christmas

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit